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Special Detectors

We can realise special and customised components based on specific customer requirements. Encoder components without encapsulating resin provide superior robustness and are thus able to withstand thermal shocks.


  • Resistant to soldering processes, MSL2
  • High uniformity of silicon cells (< 10%)
  • Monolithic construction
  • Low optical pitch (0.45mm)
  • High temperature range
  • Reference holes on the package for precise mounting
  • Reference dots on the package for high accuracy mounting
  • Reticle assembly service available

Design and Specifications

Model Type (SMD) Active area (mm2) Optical pitch (mm) Element Dimension (nm) Wavelenght T°/Range (°C) MSL
OIT7C-NR Phototransistor 0.09 0.60 16 7.00x12.2 750 -40 / +85 2
OIT12C-NR Phototransistor 0.125 0.45 9 5.60x6.55 750 -40 / +100 2
OIT15C-NR Phototransistor 0.125 0.45 6 5.60x6.55 750 -40 / +100 2
OIT18C-NR Phototransistor 0.125 0.45 13 8x12 750 -40 / +100 2

Heat resistance

These special components that can be assembled by automated processes can withstand even the most demanding thermal profiles. Special detectors also feature a lower degree of sensitivity to moisture absorption and can be used in wide temperature ranges.
Some of these detectors allow the application of a plastic or glass collimator/reticle. This stage can be handled either by Optoi or even by the end customer since the component is always protected by a heat resistant film.
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