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Optoelectronics, Innovation, and Research

Optoi is a company specialising in optoelectronics, founded in Trento in 1995. Today it is the holding company of a group of 5 businesses.

We are one of the very first technological spin-offs of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (formerly IRST), a reference research centre of excellence for Trentino and Europe. Over the years, our company grew into a full-fledged business with over 50 employees, with customers from the industrial, aerospace, and green sectors. Nevertheless, we maintained our commitment to research and development and continued to strengthen our scientific collaboration with FBK, cultivating high specialization in supplying the market with silicon devices.

The current structure of the Group is the result of targeted acquisitions, the take-off of innovative startups, the establishment of newco of geographical significance, and other transactions that were perfected thanks to the intertwined basic principle of technological innovation with the entrepreneurial passion of the founders.

A history of research and innovation

Ever since its foundation, Optoi has focused its core business on the production of optical microelectronic components and smart optoelectronic sensors for the industrial sector. Thanks to its patented safety and mobility management products, it soon became a benchmark for the industrial sector and special vehicles in construction and agriculture. Innovative vision systems and optoelectronic measuring instruments developed by the subsidiary Eoptis complete the range of solutions for hardware and process automation in the manufacturing sector, solutions that are now summarised in the concept of “Industry 4.0”.


  • 2011 - Optoi began its collaboration with the European Space Agency for manufacturing satellite sensors and components. It is currently accredited with the research and production of highly specialised aerospace devices , guaranteed by the most stringent safety and reliability standards.
  • 2012 - Optoi equips itself with a Class 1000 cleanroom (according to FED STD 209E) or ISO 6 (according to EN ISO 14644-1:2008) required for microelectronic assemblies. The reference standards in manufacturing are MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-750 and the visual inspection standard ESCC Basic Specification No. 2045000.
  • 2015 - Our technology and know-how are brought to the service of significant projects in the biomedical field by participating in some relevant European projects. The in-house division brings together sensor technology, genomics, and biochemistry, exploring their vast application potential.
  • 2017 - Understanding the importance of fostering sustainability, we also specialised in the field of green technologies , sensors for the environment and monitoring indoor parameters related to air and electromagnetic waves.
  • 2020 - The Group celebrated twenty-five years of activity by revamping the graphic line of its brand and adopting a more streamlined, rational and compact corporate structure.

The Founding Partners

Our Mission

Optoi firmly believed in a business model based on supporting the customer in industrial and process problem-solving. The Group makes no secret of its commitment to quality and customization over volume. This choice is the basis of the agility and skill with which our companies know how to present themselves to the industrial partner for basic silicon processing right up to the most sophisticated and technologically advanced sensor requirements.

Today, Optoi enjoys an “electronic” and a “microelectronic” soul that complements each other. The extensive derivations of photonics (single and absolute position sensors) form part of the daily search for performance and improvement in our cleanroom, where silicon comes to life and microns become the prevailing unit of measurement.
We analyse our partner’s request and intuition, framing it through technical-economic feasibility analysis and take care of the design step by step; we manage the engineering aspect and carry out the industrialization of the production process. All this is done in-house, in our operational offices.

Our Vision

The constant drive towards scientific and technological evolution allows innovative solutions and products to be designed and developed. This serves progress and sustainability in the industrial, environmental and health sectors and, in general, enhances people's quality of life.

We want to strengthen our role as a technology and professional partner in electronics and microelectronics, aspiring to excellence in on-demand development, production and packaging of electronic sensors and measuring systems.

Quality and Certifications

Customer satisfaction and a complete understanding of the customer’s needs, with a focus on continuous improvement strategies, is Optoi’s primary mission.
Our quality management department promotes continuous improvement and guarantees the method of addressing and resolving any client-proposed issues, thus establishing a relationship of mutual trust, which underpins Optoi’s commercial and professional values.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification, achieved and maintained since 2004, is proof of Optoi's customer-focused approach, which qualifies Optoi as a company offering products and services at the highest level of quality for both standard and customised products.

Download ISO 9001:2015 certification

Organization and Control Protocol

The Organization and Control Model pursuant to Italian L.D. 231/01, introduced the administrative liability of entities for crimes committed by Directors, Managers and/or employees in the interest or benefit of the Company itself.

All employees, as well as business partners, agents, consultants, external collaborators, or other subjects having contractual relationships with the Company, are required to know and contribute to the full implementation of the provisions set forth in Model 231, which is adopted by the Company.

Ethical code - Optoi
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