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Eoptis 3D Vision Systems and Profilometers

Our Eoptis vision systems and profilometers are the results of ongoing research in the field of electronics for image sensors. They are innovative devices that meet new and specific requirements.
In particular, our 3D meters can perform contactless dimensional gauging through laser profilometry. These devices are widely applied in different sectors since they can virtually reconstruct objects, gauge or verify their size, perform quality control, detect the presence or absence of an object, and acquire data for 3D prints.


The 3D meter is a system that allows the contactless dimensional gauging of objects through laser profilometry; within a few seconds, detailed measurement and scanning of an object are achieved, resulting in an accurate 3D reconstruction. The device is supplied pre-calibrated and does not require any pre-use set-up.
Several 3D meters can be used on the same object to further enhance the level of detail.

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