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Photodiode arrays are used in rotary and linear encoders, optical barriers, presence sensors and optical and X-ray sorting machines. The photodiode arrays are available in SMD plastic or ceramic, Metal TO and Chip-on-Board (COB) packages.

The standard OID7 photodiode component is 100 % compatible with OPR2100.


  • High Responsivity (> 0.65 A/W @ = p)
  • High quantum efficiency (> 90% @ Vr=5V)
  • Extended temperature range -40°C +125°C
  • Wide active area
  • Fast response time
  • Low Dark Current
  • Fully compatible with OPR2100-OL2100-PA2100

Optoi Photodiode: Design and Features

Model Active area (mm2) Elements Dimension (mm) Peak responsivity (nm)
OID7 2.75 6 70.4x11.4 950

What are photodiodes, and how do they work?

What exactly are photodiodes? A photodiode is a photodetector element, which means an optical sensor that can convert an optical signal into an electrical signal. Our high-sensitivity, low dark current PN photodiodes are ideal for high-speed applications.
The silicon photodiode array is an optical sensor made up of several photodiodes arranged in a single package. It can be used in awide range of applications such as position detection, imaging, and spectrophotometry.
These elements can be applied in various sectors, including industry and aerospace; in particular, photodiodes are the flagship products among Optoi optical components for the Group’s long-standing Industrial division.


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