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Reflective Sensors

Reflective optical sensors are used in a wide range of applications requiring reflective sensors that do not only detect the presence of an object but also its relative proximity.

Reflective Optical Sensors: Design and Specifications

Model Type (SMD) Element Dimension (mm) Wavelenght  (nm) T°/Range (°C)
OIER2 Fototransistor 2 + RED LED 6,1x4,7 635 -25 / 85
OIER3 Fototransistor 2 + Infrared LED 6,1x4,7 875 -25 / 85

What is a reflective photoelectric sensor, and how does it work?

Reflective optical sensors consist of LEDs and photoreceivers (phototransistors or photodiodes) and are used on distance meters, proximity sensors, and presence sensors.
These optical components allow the detected object to either reflect or interrupt a certain amount of light emitted by a diode emitter, making it possible to detect objects regardless of material.


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