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We supply standard infra-red LEDs (near-infrared 870-880nm) to match our high-quality, high-intensity photodiodes and phototransistors with parallel light beams and divergence of 5° for the encoder industry.


  • Low price
  • Uses low cost lens
  • TO-18 Metal-Glass Case Enclosure
  • Infrared Light Emitting at 870 nm
  • Compatible with OIL10S06
  • GaAlAs LED
  • Parallel Light Beam
  • TO-18 Metal-Glass Case Enclosure
  • Infrared Light Emitting at 880 nm
  • RoHS Compliant

Infra-red LED: Design and Features

Model Type (TO) Wavelenght (nm) Angle (deg) Current (mA) Power (mW)
OIL4 GaAlAs IR LED 880 +5 / -5 100 5
OIL6 GaAlAs IR LED 870 +18 / -18 80 1.5 - 2.1
OIL18 GaAlAs IR LED 880 +25 / -25 50 12

Why choose infra-red LEDs

As part of our specialised production of high-performance optical components, infra-red LEDs are primarily used in combination with photosensors and provide a lower cost and longer lifetime than laser diodes.
Optoi infra-red LEDs are used in several sectors; however, their primary applications are in combination with our phototransistors and photodiodes in the production of encoders due to their high accuracy.
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