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Optical Absolute Position Sensors

Optical absolute position sensors measure the stroke of a hydraulic cylinder. They measure the stroke with high accuracy of less than 0.1mm, are integrated and do not involve invasive mechanical work such as drilling into the piston rod. The main applications of these sensors are continuous measurement on steering cylinders, suspensions, and stabilisers.


  • Simple to install and to replace
  • Works with all rods diameters, no drilling
  • Non-invasive, integrated and contactless
  • Installable on passing through cylinders
  • No calibration required
  • Robust against EM noise and vibrations
  • High reliability (MTTF = 180 years)
  • Precise, accurate, resolute and repeatable
  • Smart electronics with adaptive algorithms
  • Several diagnoses onboard
  • Range up to 1.5m

Design and Specifications

Model Type Supply (V) Load resistance (kΩ) Output type
OIS22 Absolute optical position sensor 8V - 30V 20 - 100 kΩ Analogic 0,5 - 4,5 V

Operation and Applications

Optical absolute position sensors are designed for the mobility sector and specifically for agricultural and earthmoving machinery working in harsh environments.
Unlike single position sensors, absolute position sensors measure the stroke of a hydraulic cylinder, making it possible to continuously monitor the exact position of the piston rod within the cylinder.


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