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Level Sensors

Level sensors are optoelectronic devices based on emitters and receivers that work on the principle of reflection and refraction.

The Optoi level sensor is based on optical prism technology which allows the light emitted by a LED to be captured by the receiver in the absence of liquid. On the other hand, in the presence of liquid, the optical channel is perturbed, thereby causing the absence of a signal on the receiver.


  • Small size
  • Simply installation
  • Modular level sensing
  • Robust optical technology
  • High media compatibility

Design and Specifications

Model Voltage T° Range Output Currier
OIS31 4.5 - 15 V -25 / 80 °C  100mA
OIS32 7 - 15 V 0 / 85 °C 700mA
OIS37 4.5 - 15 V -40 / 125 °C 100mA

How does prism technology in level sensors work?

Optoi level sensors based on optical prism technology are highly accurate and reliable and can be used for medical equipment, HVAC, compressors, hydraulic tanks, food and beverage processing machines and tools or in the pharmaceutical industry. We receive requests for these latest generation sensors from companies in the biomedical and industrial sectors.
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