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Impact Sensors

Impact sensors are configurable recorders based on a MEMS accelerometer. The device is powered by standard replaceable alkaline batteries ensuring at least 3 months of operation under normal use. The accelerometer provides acceleration monitoring up to 8g of force.


  • Up to ±8g
  • User configurable
  • USB memory stick with downloadable software interface
  • Event non-volatile memory
  • Works with low cost and common AA batteries
  • USB mini connector for connections
  • Metal robust enclosure with mounting flanges
  • IP67
  • Alive indicator

Design and Specifications

Model Interface Sampling frequency Accuracy (deg) Power supply (V) Batteries Operating Temperature
OIAC11 USB  400 Hz  +/- 8g  2.3V - 3.5V  2x Alkaline AA  -20 / +55
OIAC12 USB  400 Hz  +/- 8g  2.3V - 3.5V  2x Alkaline C  -20 / +55

Operation and Applications

Impact sensors monitor shocks and vibrations throughout the supply chain, making them particularly useful in sectors such as logistics and special transport (transformers, wind turbines, automotive parts and construction equipment).

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