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Making Sense of innovation

We manufacture and sell Microelectronic silicon sensors, Hybrid modules and Microsystems, smart electronic systems, as well as microelectronic MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices for both standard and custom applications in the industrial, environmental, biomedical, telecommunication and aerospace fields.

We support our customer companies in order to solve all their requirements connected to component replacement, when it is impossible to find the microelectronic component of interest, or to find the right alternative “second source” in the market. In this case, we are able to follow all the necessary activities with the right expertise, through bench marketing analyses, design, engineering, production and assembly of an equivalent component.

Our services

Design Service

Among Optoi’s main service activities, there is design and research & development. Optoi is a technological Company oriented to process and product innovation. Optoi has always been capable of to supplying specialized services for Company innovation.


The integration of microelectronic, micromechanic and micro-optomechanic components in products and systems needs particular attention and know-how in order to choose the best package or substrate. Optoi Microelectronics’ great experience is related to the activities of microelectronic packaging, which need a specific competence in the field of material engineering (plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, composite materials, etc.) in EMC, in radiofrequency, in optics, in silicon substrate handling, in microelectronic assembly and in the device final test.


Microelectronics and its different application fields represent a real business opportunity and technology upgrade for dynamic Companies, always looking for technological innovation. Thanks to the experience gained in the past 15 years of activity, Optoi is able to offer consulting services to the customers, in order to carry out feasibility studies as well as evaluate of the usage of standard or customized microelectronic devices within products, tools or systems, existing or new.

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